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ERP5 Design Philosophy

Design documents are the must read documentation before trying to contribute any code to the project. Those documents gives the best practices and the rules which make the code understandable and usable by everyone within the community.

Business FieldsSearch

  • Calendar Design - ERP5 Calendar design document. Time management. Time capacity.
  • Project Management - Introduction into managing projects with ERP5
  • Apparel - An early version of the presentation of ERP5 Apparel showing the relation between components.
  • CRM - Introduction into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with ERP5


General DesignSearch

  • Security Model - Explanation of the ERP5 security model
  • Simulation - An introduction to the principles of simulation which are the foundation of ERP5 MRP.
  • High Performance Zope - Presentation demonstrating how to increase the performance of Zope in ERP5.
  • Technology Introduction - Introduction into the technologies and architecture behind ERP5

User InterfaceSearch

  • Reporting - Description of FormPrintout, a reporting system in ERP5 that allows to create Printouts from ODF (Open Document Format) files for design and ERP5Form for contents.
  • Proxy Field - Usage of Proxy Fields within ERP5.
  • Gadgets - A very early draft of Gadget design documentation.
  • Web - This presentation introduces the basic concepts behind ERP5 Web.