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ERP5 Localisation

This document should provide all information related to using ERP5 in different countries and languages. It will show how to contribute to our translation efforts as well as provide information on what is necessary to have a version of ERP5 tailored for a specific country.

ERP5 In Your Country

ERP5 is already available in the following languages: English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Korean.

Creating a country-specific versions of ERP5 requires five steps outlined in How to Help with ERP5 Localisation. If you are interested in helping to provide ERP5 in your country and assist our localisation efforts, please get in touch with Nexedi, the maintainer of ERP5. The following documents provide further information for translating ERP5 into a specific language:

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Localisation Documentation

The following articles from the developer documentation highlight specific aspects of ERP5 localisation.

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