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ERP5 is adopted worldwide by banks, governments and corporations for scalable mission critical applications. Its innovative Unified Business Model reduces complexity of configuration and increases flexibility.

Latest News

23-04 2019

WINDELIN - Predictive Maintenance and Optimisation of Wind Turbines using an open-source Big Data Machine Learning Cloud

WINDELIN is a R & D project developed under Eureka programme using machine learning and big data technologies for anomaly detection and predictive maintenance inside wind turbines.
20-07 2017

IFF and Nexedi bootstraps the Cloudooo Network, a free cloud of universal office document conversion servers

Press release to announce that Nexedi Brasil announces ERP5 Data, an open source ERP solution to sell Governement Data and publish Open Data
29-06 2017

Careers and Assignments

In this presentation, you will learn the universal work-flow of careers and assignments and their application within ERP5.

Latest Documents

09-09 2022

Nexedi Supports Pyston Development

Last November Nexedi hired Boxiang Sun, key community contributor to the development of Pyston, a performance-oriented Python implementation.
09-09 2022

Nexedi Enterprise Free Software Meetup - Tokyo 2016

Nexedi KK holds a mini event at 31 May 2016 to talk about the latest roadmap and success cases of ERP5 and other Free Software developed by Nexedi group.
12-06 2020

Executive - Is ERP5 for me?

Information on how to evaluate ERP5.
26-05 2020

How To Try ERP5 On A Virtual Machine

How To showing how to install an ERP5 Virtual Machine (Image for VMWare) preconfigured for a demo company. Using a VM is the easiest and recommended way to try ERP5 using the tutorials of the OSOE project.