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ERP5 Products

ERP5 core components providing generic features such as activities, cataloging, common data structure and implementation of the Universal Business Model (UBM).
  • Last Update:2016-02-10
  • Version:002
  • Language:en

ERP5 Products are core components of ERP5. They provide generic features such as activities, catalogs, common data structures and implementation of the Unified Business Model (UBM).

Product Overview

  • CMFActivity -  Introduction on object distribution to spread processes over multiple nodes and benefit from elastic scalability.
  • CMFCategory -  Primer on categorizing objects and introduction of API to update, get and display categories.
  • ZSQLCatalog -  Implementation of embedded catalog for retrieval of objects stored in Zope (ZEO/NEO) database.
  • ERP5Type -  Overview of low level classes and tools used by many other ERP5 products.
  • ERP5Form -  Introduction to functionalities added on Forumulator. Used to create user interfaces.
  • ERP5Catalog -  Customized ZSQLCatalog for ERP5 adding security and automatic categories querying.
  • ERP5 -  Main ERP5 product defining most APIs and logic along the Unified Business Model.
  • ERP5OOo -  Introduction to OpenOffice conversion server storing documents in ERP5 and converting into different formats.
  • ERP5SyncML -  Introduction to SyncML protocol allowing to synchronize with compatible devices.
  • ERP5Subversion -  Introduction to using Subversion/Git within ERP5. Mostly used for business templates.
  • ERP5Legacy -  Overview of obselete code kept for mainting backwards compatability.
  • HBTreeFolder2 -  Introduction to highly scalable folder architecture supporting millions of documents.
  • Formulator -  Fork of Zope formulator maintained and customized to create ERP5 user interfaces.
  • ERP5Security -  Introduction to security in ERP5 allowing to define policies for every module and document.
  • ERP5Banking -  Overview of custom code used for banking applications (required for erp5_banking business template)